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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naxalism in India

Naxalism, one of the biggest obstacle in Government’s path of  inclusive growth. First they don’t let schemes like NREGA,Mid-day implemented effectively and second they increase Home Ministry defence expenditure which could be utilized other way. Organization started by Majumdar in 1970 when he with the help of small farmers started violent movement against landlords and government. Name naxal is taken from the place ‘naxalbari’ in West Bengal from where this movement started.
People who was deprived of  basic resources like education,food,security found it easy to be with naxals as they assure them that they won’t kill them. The organization growth was tremendous. Their current leader Kishenji even talk about controlling whole of India by 2050 and West Bengal by 2011.
Who is culprit?
culprit at start is Government which at the time (1970es) was not able to deploy resources in every nook and corner of the country which let to origin of these kind of organizations. Later stages it seems people are also responsible who went on joining these organizations. In terms of support given to them (by government) to come out of these activities is not working.
It will not be easy. Right now they have presence in 200 out of total 604 districts in India. They control 20 districts completely. Government is working its day hard to solve, one of the best example will be Salwa-Judum started by Chattisgarh Govt. where they supported local tribes against naxalites and provided them with weapons(criticized a lot  by Human Right Organizations and NGOs who keep mute when naxals kills tribals). Other creative offer given by Jharkhand state was, voluntary surrender where person will be offerd 1 acre of land and 2 year of vocational training.
latest in 2009 there were talks going on to use Indian Armed Forces against naxalites, I feel if such a step is taken it will help not only tribes who are already living in danger of being killed by naxals but country as a whole and country will be achieve its  target of inclusive growth.
Dr. Vishwanath Bite

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