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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sharing Phone Numbers

Dear Friends,
            I was not sharing my Phone Numbers for last six months for several reasons including my personal problems and my extremely busy schedule. For all these months I was criticized, blamed and cursed by me many friends and relatives for the difficulties in contacting me. However, I kept digital window open to communicate through Facebook, Twitter and e-mails. Many contributors of the Journals and Books were constantly trying to reach me for their queries and some only to interact. I was even rude at some of the conversations as I was going through some tensions was completely under stress. Many of your calls were unanswered, messages and e-mails unread and not replied in this crucial period. For which I sincerely apologize, because I am not arrogant and not self-centered. Even for certain period my facebook account was deactivated and lost some important friends in the process. I cannot share everything with you but can assure you that it will not happen again. As I have sorted out everything and now I am completely fine. I am sharing my Phone numbers to all my friends. I take this opportunity to apologize and offer a fresh bond of friendship, Let’s start afresh.
            You all know that I am doing many things simultaneously to mention few things Editing, Teaching, Publishing, Mentoring and Writing too. I believe in speed and for these things I sacrificed many things in last six months. You are always welcome to Call me and have fruitful communication.

My New Number is                                  9870   67   8008
Old number is re-activated   9423   27   8008


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