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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Criterion Vol III. Issue I (March 2012) Released

Vol. III. Issue I.                      March 2012


The Self-Discovery of a Teacher in the Novel The Ghosts of Vasu Master [PDF]
Divyarajan BahugunaThe Man-Woman Relationship in Mohan Rakesh’s The Great Swans of the Waves [PDF]
Lingampalle Ganesh L.If There Is a Poet, It Is This, It Is This: Aga Shahid Ali – Chronicler of Pain [PDF]
Dr. Iffat MaqboolAims of Purushartha: Relevance to Mohan Rakesh’s Halfway House [PDF]
Kharabe Ram PundlikraoThe Realistic Nature of Robert Frost’s Poetry [PDF]Dr. Neena Sharma6.Understanding Hybridity in Derek Walcott’s In a Green Night [PDF]Omila ThounaojamThe Choreographed Narrative: Recontextualising the Narrative Strategies in Chetan Bhagat’s Fiction [PDF]Prasun BanerjeeCorporate World: A Feminist Study with Reference to Shobha De’s Novels [PDF]Ms. Deepanjali MishraThe Impact of Parents Education on Students Vocabulary [PDF]V.Rajasekaran & Dr.P.SelvakumarCultural Confusion & Confrontation in Yasmine Gooneratne’s A Change of Skies [PDF]
K.B.GloryThe Pangs of Transition in Bharathi Mukherjee’s Jasmine [PDF]Leelarajakumari. PThe Philosophical Roots of Postmodernism: A Critical Discussion [PDF]Mufti MudasirThe Inseparable Union of Catherine and Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights [PDF]Rizvana ParveenBeyond Broken Columns: Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions and the Quest for ‘Horizontal Comradeship’ [PDF]Abin ChakrabortyNarrative Strategies and Changes In To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man by James Joyce [PDF]Cornea CristianaFeminist Reading of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Mistress of Spices [PDF]D.Ebina CordeliaDepiction of Women in Shashi Deshpande and Shobha De’s Works: A Contrastive Study [PDF]G.Gayathiri Devi & Dr.S.N.MahalakshmiAn Ecofeminist Reading of Temsula Ao’s Laburnum for My Head [PDF]Sikhamoni GogoiIdentity Crises in Kiran Desai’s Inheritance of Loss [PDF]Shyam Ji DubeyDeconstructing Mother-Daughter Relationship: A Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters[PDF]Jitender SinghEmpire and Excess: Kipling and the Critique of Said’s Orientalism [PDF]Sourit BhattacharyaCanon And Its Changes Related To Brian McHale’s Ideas In “Constructing Postmodernism” (1992) [PDF]Tripa FeliciaProverbs as Aesthetics of Meaning in Osundare’s Poetry [PDF]Yomi OkunowoTime and the Wound in Tristram Shandy: the sense of a quest [PDF]Dr. Daniel ThomièresNew Woman in Bharati Mukherjee’s WifeJasmine and The Tree Bride [PDF]Jyoti Tabita HermitBeing Swadeshi : Manju Kapur’s Language in Home and Difficult Daughters [PDF]Dr Shivani VashistReading Material for Developing Interactive Reading in Engineering Students [PDF]Madhu Sudhan Rao. M & Dr.T.SaradaJason Currie as the Father Figure in Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel [PDF]Mrs. Sajeena GayathrriThe Progress of Love: Enfolding the Magic of Everyday Dailiness [PDF]Bindu SinghAn Ecofeminist Reading of Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors [PDF]S.R.Adlin AshaColor and Poverty in the Poetry of Langston Hughes [PDF]Pavithra SatheeshkumarThe Deconstructive Process: The Theoretical Speculations and the Fate of Reading beyond Formalism [PDF]Pravin Kumar PatelAdjustment of Diasporas through Integration: A Study of Toni Morrison’s Paradise [PDF]
Dr. Khem Raj SharmaThe Lost Homeland of Kashmiri Migrant Pandits [PDF]Dr Tasleem A War & Naadiya Yaqoob MirArun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas: A Universal Myth of Primitivism [PDF]Mrs.V.NavaneethamaniM. G. Vassanji’s No New Land: A Study in Multicultural Aspects [PDF]N. Kavitha &  Dr. P. SelvamBakha Stands as Balram Halwai: The Comparative Study of Two Epic Characters [PDF]Mr.Sakate Bharat ShamraoMan-Woman Relationship in D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover [PDF]Dr. Khan Shaista TalatSexuality: A Path to Self-Actualization in Ismat Chughtai’s “The Quilt” [PDF]Shagufta Naaz FarooquiSilences and Shadows: Women in Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator [PDF]Ishrat BashirVetoing Transcendence: Albert Camus as a Philosopher of Immanence [PDF]Muhammad Maroof ShahMyth and Puranas: Decolonisation of Indian English Drama [PDF]Nagraj HoleyannavarEnglish in A Globalized World [PDF]Amit NarulaImages of Women in Media and Literature: Journey from Difficult Daughters to Desirable Daughters [PDF]Dr (Ms) Manjeet Rathee
A Perspective into the Paradoxical Existence of Women in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Mistress of Spices and Sister of My Heart [PDF]
Sujit Kumar Rath, Md.Sharifulla & Dr. Mantri Raghuram
George Bernard Shaw’s art of characterization [PDF]
Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Mulk Raj Anand’s Two Leaves and a Bud: A saga of Gangu’s injured self [PDF]
Dr. Priyanka Sharma
Michael Dickel, Mamta Madhavan, K Pankajam, Thomas Pelto, Kushal Poddar, Ron Starbuck, Uzoechi Nwagbara, Peivand Zandi [PDF]
Darryl Benjamin, Frederick Hilary, Irena Nieslony, Megs Gillespie [PDF]
An interview with Ron Starbuck, poet/author, and publisher [PDF]
Aparna Mukhedkar


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