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Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in Business

I have been through countless riddles last few days, constantly performing number of duties on my own. I am very much obliged and thankful to contributors, readers and scholars for their affection, love and constant support. Running an eJournal is not easy task it demands for ample time and space along with 24/7 availability for any sort of communication. To be honest I failed to fulfill some of these last year. I have strong reasons too. I was staying in very remote place where State Transport Bus reaches once a week. No provision for internet connection, 12 Hours of power failure, in short as if i was living in 16th Century India. I had to drive four hours a day for college, and the remaining time was always dull and unproductive. But I never quit, I tried honestly and worked hard for the service to literary fraternity. I am not trying to safe-side myself, it’s my confession. Perhaps things should have gone off well if someone would have helped me in doing things. But i was all alone editing an International eJournal, constantly editing anthologies and much more despite all above mentioned problems. Many blames me that i am not much Mature and can’t handle it, and this is my explanation to those. Yes I am just 28 not have much experience but i am determined, persistent, hard worker, fighter doing all alone. 
I had countless dreams and i have nourished them in the core of my heart. I believe that everyone has a potential and needs an atmosphere to boost with. Some are destined to face obstacles and the one who defeats them is a conqueror. I take this opportunity to say that I assure you better service and response as now I am shifted to Mumbai, economic capital of India. I am damn sure if i was doing this all from a very distant and remote village, i will be able to multiply my speed in metropolitan city. Please forgive me for the inconveniences and let’s start afresh.
Will be Keeping in Touch Forever.

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