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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Economic Development of India: A Farce

Title may seem to be strange to politicians, academias as well as Common Man. Agricultural development, development of villages and natural sources available in the villages is my prime concern here. When i was in primary school teachers used to teach us that India is Agricultural country and almost 75% people are farmers, living in the villages. Even Mahatma Gandhi once mentioned India as "country of villages". Today, what i see after just ten to twelve years later is totally different than what i learnt. no one even government cares for village economy. Industrialization caused remarkable change in the attitude towards Village life and its resources. Particularly in Maharashtra, villages face countless problems like power cut, Damaged roads, inadequate transport facilities, paucity of technology and many more. If villages are to be empowered these are the most essential needs of villagers. Instead, they are taught to be happy with what they have. Maharashtra State Electricity Board has declared 13 hours power cut for villages, even in case of my village this is the bitter truth for last four years. Village folks are basically dependent upon agricultural income. If there is no electricity for 13 hours what agricultural profit can you expect from these farmers. In Vidarbha many farmers commit suicide, Why? Only some packages are being announced before election period for some affected families. Is this absolute solution for the problem? The real problem remains untouched for the years, no facilities are being provided to these farmers. I was taught is the primary school that India is country of villages and almost 75% people are dependent on farming. Is this true? Agriculture of India suffers a lot. how many people ripe grains and vegetables today? and How many needs it, if we see this proportion then you may feel its seriousness. 
        Maharashtra government, since last some years (deliberately?) ignoring farmers, villages and Agricultural development. to give some of its instances, many villages doesn't have good roads. Village children are not able to get out of the place for better education. Information and technology is out of reach for them. They can't enjoy even television news and any other informative source. As problem of power cut resists them from being in touch with vast world, which we call a global village? Are they in this stream? Who can they compete with city folks, if they still are literally struggling for their basic needs. My friend's 4 year boy can operate computer easily but he is living in one of the cities of Maharashtra, name of both city and that boy is not important because it seems very common when a boy of just 4 can access internet and computer in the cities. But in the villages even graduate students are far behind this IT stuff. 

     In this worst condition they get their formal education and can you imagine their informal education? Killing time with their playmates, parents can not understand what they are doing as most of them are illiterate. No any kind of guidance is available for them. How can they survive in this changing and fastest world? The only option they might get is farming, and farming condition in any villages is worst these days. Their future in even 21st century is surrounded by utter darkness. 

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